Our Founders and Board of Directors:

Peter Gabriel – President

Edison Paula-Treasurer

Rev. Clayton Baker

Dr. Kay Honea Jr.

Dr. David Tim

Dr. Thompson Parker.

Our Founders and Board of Directors have all participated in mission trips to rural Africa and have seen, first hand, the devastating effects of poverty, waterborne diseases, lack of health care and recognized the urgent need for safe clean water for the communities there. Access to safe water is one of the leading humanitarian problems in the world. They also recognized that safe clean water at religious worship centres would attract the local community to come to the churches where they could share the safe water and be introduced to God.

The Lord led us to realize that we could best fulfill our mission to the communities by focusing on providing safe clean water (at worship centres) to churches and clergymen to reduce illness and deaths due to unsafe water and give them an outreach tool to invite the community to share the safe water and share the Gospel as well. The results are amazing when you view our project list and photos.

Our administrative personnel are all volunteers and our Board members fund miscellaneous administrative expenses. So 100% of your donated funds are used to complete the rural water projects across Africa.

The need for safe clean water and to bring the community to God is great and we ask for your help.
Rural Water Project – Africa is registered with the Congolese government under the non-profit non-governmental organization Act. In DR Congo, they have a network of pastors, church leaders and other volunteers who identify the churches in areas where potable water is needed most and then install the borehole systems after the equipment and resources are provided by Rural Water Project.

Since 2017, We have completed over 17 projects in Dr. Congo and 7 other African countries which have saved lives and helped thousands by reducing illnesses and deaths from typhoid, cholera, dysentery, etc and have brought many to Christ. Six (6) more projects are currently in planning.
Our projects changes so many things.