Why Water?
Access to safe drinking water is a huge issue worldwide for 1 in 10 people or almost 800 million people. Unsafe water and lack of sanitation kill over 30,000 people each month with children affected the most. Existing with dirty water and the sickness it brings takes a heavy toll on the survivors. Safe water can transform communities by eliminating the need for many medical clinics devoted to water related illnesses and allowing communities to focus on faith, education, commerce and a better life.

Our Results: Over the last several years, Rural Water Project – Africa has funded and installed seventeen (17) borehole systems listed below in Nigeria, Tanzania, Burundi, Benin Republic, the Democrats Republic of Congo etc for rural pastors on church properties.
These systems now provide clean safe drinking water for thousands of men, women and children at 17 different churches and communities where they also provide an invitation tool for pastors to share the “living water” and the Gospel with their communities.

How can you help?

Prayer: Pray for our ministry and our mission to reach the people of Nigeria, DR Congo and other African countries with safe water and the Gospel.

Donate: Your tax deductible contribution to help support this ministry will be a blessing to the pastors and people of Africa.

Our present water installations across Africa are located at:
DR Congo: 3
Nigeria: 1,
Tanzania: 1
South Sudan: 5
Angola: 2
Burundi: 1
Botswana: 2
Benin Republic: 2

100% of donations go direct to the water projects as our administrative personnel costs are volunteered. Additional drinkable water systems are now in the planning and funding stages so we ask for your support.